TIB COVID-19 Statement

As your Trusted Partner, we believe it is important for you to know TIB is closely monitoring the current and potential future impacts of the Coronavirus outbreak from both an internal and external perspective.  As a critical partner to your organization and your fellow community banks across the country, we want you to know that we take our responsibility to you and our response to all such situations very seriously. We regularly review and train our staff on our response to possible scenarios such as pandemics and many other potentially serious threats. 

Below are some key points to TIB’s plan to help ensure the reliable delivery of our services.

  • Business Continuity:  We have a comprehensive Business Continuity plan that addresses pandemics and TIB’s processes to mitigate potential service disruptions.  Our staff has reviewed this plan within the last 30 days and is regularly adapting it, as new information is available.
  • Disaster Recovery Sites:  In anticipation of potential events such as this, TIB established two separate disaster recovery sites in recent years, each of which is equipped for handling all critical operations and personnel.
  • Contingency Plans:  Our contingency plans cover the bases needed to continue serving the ongoing needs of your bank and your customers throughout this situation.
    • Remote Working Capabilities:  We have an inventory of over 170 laptops already configured. Every employee needed to perform critical functions is capable of doing so remotely.
    • Your Contact Points:  There will be no changes as to how our organization would contact key personnel or departments at your organization.
    • Security:  Data security and privacy issues have been considered and addressed for employees working remotely. Your bank’s safety is our top priority.
    • Communication Hubs:  Our primary channel(s) of communicating with our customers will still be via TransCom, email and phone if an incident warrants such communications.
  • Travel Suspension:  In order to place you and your staffs’ health first, TIB is suspending in-person calls on our partner banks until this situation begins to settle out. We understand that because our calling officers, in their normal course of business, call on multiple banks each day, that activity could put you, your staff and your customers at risk. Until further notice, we will be actively serving your banks via telephone and/or webinar type communications.
  • TIB Hosted Meetings Suspended:  We are suspending all TIB-hosted conferences, workshops and meetings until further notice.  Your protection is important to us and meeting in crowds is one of the primary means of contracting this and other viruses.

While no organization can anticipate every possible eventuality, we believe TIB is as prepared as is possible at this time. You can be sure that we will continue to monitor the situation closely and will adapt and amend our response as needed.  Thank you for your confidence in TIB. We will communicate further if the situation warrants. 

In the meantime, if you should have additional questions, please reach out to Pat Gray, EVP | Chief Operations Officer at pgray@tib.bank or 972.444.3560.