TIB Elects Phelan Advisory Director

December 27, 2017

DALLAS, TX…The Board of Directors of Independent Bankers Financial Corporation and TIB The Independent BankersBank, N.A. today elected Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Chuck Phelan, as an Advisory Director of the Board.

“Chuck has done an exceptional job for TIB in helping to guide and manage a growing and complex balance sheet and organization in the midst of increasing regulatory demands,” noted TIB President and CEO, Michael O’Rourke.  “We are excited and pleased that the Board has chosen to recognize him in this manner.”

Phelan joined TIB in 1998, as part of the bank’s wholly-owned asset/liability management subsidiary, ALX Consulting, Inc. (ALX).  In addition to his duties as Chief Financial Officer, he also serves as Managing Officer of ALX.  He possesses over 28 years of professional experience in financial institutions across an array of areas, including interest rate risk management, funding, investments, stress testing, hedging and development.

Prior to joining TIB and ALX, Phelan served nine years with the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas in the Banking Supervision Department.  He also received specialized training with the Federal Reserve System, participated in assignments such as the Shared National Credit program and was an instructor for the system.

A graduate of Louisiana State University, Phelan is a frequent speaker on interest rate risk and liability management at banking schools, workshops and conferences across the country.

TIB is the nation’s largest and most trusted bankers’ bank, with $2.6 billion in assets and managing over $40 billion in assets.  The bank serves the correspondent banking needs of nearly 1,600 independent community banks in 48 states from coast-to-coast, plus Guam.  TIB can be found online at www.tib.bank.