TIB The Independent BankersBank, N.A. and its Parent Company Independent Bankers Financial Corporation Announce Greater Dividend Target

January 29, 2018

DALLAS, TX…The Board of Directors of Independent Bankers Financial Corporation (IBFC), the parent company of TIB The Independent BankersBank, N.A. (TIB), announced an enhanced dividend target for its shareholders today. The new dividend target provides shareholders with an even stronger rate of return on IBFC stock and added value to their correspondent banking partnership with TIB.

Beginning immediately, the Board will target an annual cash dividend of $4.00 per share of common stock. This represents an increase of $1.60 per share or 67% over the previous regular dividend. Dividends will now be paid quarterly at $1.00 per share.

IBFC has paid dividends since 1998, or for 20 consecutive years. In 2002, IBFC raised the base dividend and began a steady pace of increasing the dividend by 10 cents per share annually through 2017. Since 2006, these annual dividend increases have grown dividend returns by 208%.

Another first, this past December the IBFC Board paid a special dividend of $1.00 per share above the regular dividend for the first time in the corporation’s history. 

“Our Board of Directors and management team has consistently sought ways to enhance shareholder value and strengthen relationships with our Trusted Partner banks,” explained Michael O’Rourke, President and CEO of TIB. “This is just our latest in doing just that. The board and I believe added value should be a significant and tangible part of a community bank’s relationship with TIB.”

TIB’s Stockholders’ Advantage Rewards (STAR) Program, provides shareholders with superior rates and significant discounts on selected products.

TIB is the nation’s largest and most trusted bankers’ bank. The bank serves the correspondent banking needs of nearly 1,600 banks in 48 states from coast-to-coast, plus Guam. From traditional correspondent lending assistance to the latest innovations in card and operations technology to providing human capital, TIB can serve every community bank.

TIB can be found online at www.tib.bank.