Card Services



"At Citizens Bank, we are driven by the values of our Corporate Culture, and we know it is the success of the customer that enriches both our communities and our organization.  Our partners at TIB share this culture and deliver merchant services with a focus on long-term relationships.  Their commitment to customer service, concern for people, and simply doing the right thing has made TIB a Trusted Partner for many years."  

Brad Webster, EVP/Chief Banking Officer  |  Citizens Bank  |  Corvallis, OR


In today's costly and time-consuming regulatory environment, more and more community banks are opting to let TIB handle their vital Card Programs.  TIB is one of the nation's largest and most trusted providers of solutions such as:

Credit Cards

Our Credit Card Programs are among the most popular and respected in the nation. TIB can help any-sized institution compete for credit card business efficiently and profitably.

Merchant Processing

Competitive, state of the art payment solutions that will help you keep and serve your valuable commercial customers.

ATM/Debit Cards

Single-source ATM and Debit Card Processing, designed to reduce your expenses, while also improving your competitive position and generating additional income for your bank.

Gift Cards & Payroll Cards

Become your customers’ first choice for the fastest-growing product line in the industry today – Stored Value Cards.

Rewards Programs

TIB offers some of the most flexible and generous Rewards Programs in the industry, allowing your customers to choose from among Travel, Cash, Merchandise, Gift Cards and more.