Credit Cards


Credit Card Programs

Currently serving nearly one out of every five community banks in America, TIB is one of the most trusted Card Services providers in the country.

Agent Program

TIB is home to the Nation's Largest Agent Credit Card Program, in terms of banks supported.

  • No-liability, TIB-supported solution

  • Relationship-based credit decision

  • Strategic account officer and service team

  • Complimentary program marketing

Hybrid Program

TIB-serviced solution in which your financial institution manages credit approval

  • Minimal ongoing program expenses

  • Consumer and business product suite options

  • Quick program implementation

Direct Issue Program

Institution-controlled portfolio with TIB servicing options.

  • Receive full interchange and interest income

  • Product offering is defined by your institution


Contact TIB's Card Services Division today for more information on this and our many other exciting product opportunities.

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