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Credit Card Programs

Currently serving nearly one out of every five community banks in America, TIB is one of the most trusted Card Services providers in the country.

Agent Program

TIB is home to the nation's largest Agent Credit Card Program, in terms of banks supported. Our Agent Credit Card Program makes it possible for you to offer a turnkey, risk-free credit card program to your customers.

  • Offer a MasterCard or VISA featuring your institution's name

  • World MasterCard, MasterCard Platinum and VISA Platinum, robust rewards options available

  • Purchasing, Commercial and Small Business Card options

  • Generous income sharing arrangement

  • You can participate in the credit approval process

  • Dedicated bank support service representatives

  • Turnkey marketing support from TIB

  • TIB will never cross-sell or compete for your customers

Business Cards

TIB is also one of the nation's leading providers of Business Cards.

  • MasterCard and VISA options available

  • Purchasing, Commercial and Small Business Card options

  • Robust reward options

  • Multiple billing options

Principal Card Program

TIB's Principal Cardholder Program provides you with complete pricing flexibility, control over credit management decisions and a variety of card designs from which to choose.


  • Wide variety of products available

  • Enhanced income from additional rate and fee options

  • TIB provides complete back office servicing

  • We provide marketing services to promote your card program

  • Ongoing training and seminars to keep your staff updated

Contact TIB's Card Services Division today for more information on this and our many other exciting product opportunities.

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