Gift Cards & Payroll Cards

Gift Cards

Virtually every customer you serve is using and/or giving Gift Cards. Make sure you keep this valuable business in-house and feeding your bottom line. 

  • Gift Cards are VISA branded, making it convenient for your customers to shop at a wide range of retailers

  • Safer alternative to sending cash as a gift

  • Cards can be customized with your bank's logo

  • TIB offers several types of Gift Card programs, providing your bank with a competitive marketing edge

Payroll Cards

The Payroll Card offers a flexible, secure and more cost-effective alternative to issuing payroll checks. Employers can deposit directly to an employee's Payroll Card account via ACH.

  • Cards can be customized with the employer's logo

  • TIB offers a variety of solutions to fit the employer's needs

  • Thousands of companies already offer the convenience of Payroll Cards

Contact TIB's Card Services Division today for more information on this and our many other exciting product opportunities.

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